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With summer coming to a close, now’s the time to have one last warm weather celebration. However, with COVID-19, a responsible, socially distanced blow-out will call for some variation to what you would normally imagine. But that doesn’t mean it can’t still be fun and a little bit over-the-top. Keep reading for our take on hosting the ultimate socially distanced summer blow-out!

Go Small or Don’t Go At All

It’s just not possible to stay safe with a hundred people packed into your home, whatever its size. Try to find an outdoor space to host your shindig and then use this handy calculator to help you estimate the safest number of people based on the space available.

Keep it Covered

Do like they do at many restaurants, and encourage guests to keep their faces covered anytime they aren’t sitting down to eat or drinking.

Opt for Safer Serving

When it comes to keeping foods and drinks safe, you’ve got a couple options: A) Ask guests to bring their own food, drinks, plates, cups, and utensils; or B) serve your food cafeteria-style with designated guests serving each person item from the buffet, operating the grill, and pouring their drinks. Bonus points for servers who don the classic “lunch lady” outfit with apron and hairnet!

Say Yes to Sanitizing

Make it incredibly easy for guests to keep their hands clean by placing several pump bottles of sanitizer in easy-to-access spots throughout your party space.

Clean, Safe Fun

Just because things are a little different doesn’t mean you can’t still do all the fun things you’d usually do! Cornhole is a great party game and it’s easy to keep it fairly safe. Provide rubber gloves and/or plenty of sanitizer to players. Same with frisbee, lawn darts, bocce ball, and Spikeball. Oh, and don’t forget Ladder Ball!

For more tips on living the good life while playing it safe, visit the Olympus Northpoint blog.


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