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Last year, Halloween was kind of a bust – with the social distancing and all. But, this year ... It’s. Going. To. Be. EPIC! So you should probably get started planning extra early. Like right now. Do you even know what you’re going to be yet?

Fortunately, Olympus Northpoint is here to help! We’ve put together a list of some of Albuquerque’s top costume shops and what they’re best at. You just decide on a costume, and we’ll steer you in the right direction.

Off Broadway

Want to go as a surfer, salesman, or senior citizen? Off Broadway has a wig for that. Or maybe you want to be a zombie, steampunk person, or just someone with a mustache. There’s something for all of those, as well. They also have a large selection of vintage clothing, for those who want to go retro or just spice up their wardrobe.

Angie’s Costume Rentals

More a fan of classic full-body costumes like a racecar driver (complete with helmet), Austin Powers, Superman, Wonderwoman, the Easter Bunny, or Xena: Warrior Princess? Angie’s is the place to rent or buy a complete outfit. And they have tons to choose from!

Party City

Like Angie’s, Party City is the place to go for full-body fun like a complete Dr. Strange ensemble, Top Gun pilot, Black Widow, and, of course, a Billie Eilish costume. Unlike Angie’s, there’s no rental option, and your new costume probably won’t stand the test of time. But how many times are you really going to use that Voodoo Magic Witch Doctor Costume anyway? These outfits are extremely affordable, though! 

Want more tips on planning for the holidays? Check out the Olympus Northpoint blog.


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