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Street artist working on a mural near Olympus Northpoint in Albuquerque, New Mexico



The city of Albuquerque is known for its incredible restaurant and entertainment scene, but there is another aspect of the city that also draws crowds of locals and tourists alike. The downtown street art adds to the vibrancy and color of this unique city. The following are a few of our favorite pieces. Reading about them is one thing, but getting out and seeing them first-hand is magical – just one more incredible thing to see here in the Land of Enchantment.

Botanical Mural Project – Tower Plaza Building

Renowned artist, Pastel, took inspiration from nature and chose to celebrate New Mexico’s native plants in a big way. Spanning two lengths of Tower Plaza, large, brightly colored flowers burst like a gigantic bouquet. It’s hard to miss this piece – but then again, why would you want to?

Totem of the Ancient Ones – HDIC Theatre Building

This multicolored mural is displayed on the HDIC Theatre building like a proud banner representing the cultural history of New Mexico. Thomas Christopher Haag created this incredible collage of geometric shapes. A unifying statement, the images come together to form symbols that commemorate those who first called the beautiful Southwest home.

Reach – HB Construction Headquarters Building

Reach is located on the HB Construction Headquarters building and shows a young girl reaching out toward several pecking chickens. Artist Mark Horst created this beautiful mural so vividly that you can almost see this simple moment come to life. It’s a wonderful portrayal of the undeniable connection between the city and the nature that surrounds us.

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