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A woman with boxing gloves on punches a bag while another woman holds the bag stationary



Have you ever tried boxing? You don’t have to be looking for a career in the ring to enjoy this amazing workout, with benefits that include improved posture and balance, strengthening of the core muscles, busting a bad mood, and better hand-eye coordination. Just fit it into your workout routine. Here are some of our favorite boxing gyms in Albuquerque.

Sigala’s Martial Arts School

With locations on the west side and in Rio Rancho, you are covered, no matter where your day takes you. This boxing gym offers training and classes in boxing and kickboxing, as well as martial arts. Their emphasis is on precision and technique – you won’t find yourself pounding away at a punching bag just to get your heart rate up. Instead, you’ll work on turning your body at the right moments, how to put your weight behind a punch in order to make it as effective as possible, and how to align each joint to make for the cleanest, sharpest precision of movement. If you have specific fitness goals that you need extra help with, you can work with their personal trainers for one-on-one coaching.

JW Family Gym

Owner Mike Winkeljohn is a 5th degree black belt in Kenpo Karate and has coached multiple mixed martial arts athletes – which means you know you’re getting some of the best training in the business at this gym. Coach Wink, as he’s known, gives clients real practice opportunities, including sparring and grappling. Cardio Kickboxing is one of their most popular classes and, though it’s incredibly challenging, it’s the perfect way to start out on your boxing journey. The gym’s incredible teachers and coaches will remind you that each skill you learn is going to build on the next.

Lion Boxing Fitness

Founded in 2019 by Leonid “The Lion” Grachev, this is a boxing gym for people who are serious about their training. They offer everything from one-hour personal training to online workouts that include time with one of the trainers to evaluate your fitness goals and progress! This is the gym where the most elite competitors go, so you know you’re in the right place if you want to level up your boxing skills.

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