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pond with bridge building and trees in the background | Landmarks at UNM

Explore the University of New Mexico Near Olympus Northpoint

Visit These Scenic Landmarks at the University of New Mexico

The University of New Mexico has a beautiful and accessible campus. It's welcoming to members of the general public and UNM students, staff, and faculty. The campus offers so much to see, so on your next visit, we recommend taking the time to appreciate all of the beautiful landmarks. The university houses excellent museums and public art. In addition, the entire campus was declared an arboretum in 1994. Enjoy a day's stroll on this lovely campus near our Olympus Northpoint apartments.

Duck Pond

This elegant water feature at the center of campus, with its mini-waterfall and small fountain, was not designed as a duck pond. But people soon began bringing ducks here when it was installed in 1976. In addition to the stately Rio Grande Cottonwood, other trees here include Mimosa, Redbud, Flowering Crabapple, Honey Locust, Purple Leaf Plum, as well as Weeping Willow, Siberian Elm, Cedar, Rocky Mountain Juniper, and Pinon Pine. The nuts of the Pinon Pine are delicious when roasted.

There are also Chinese Jujube and Japanese Pagoda Trees. It is a nice place to meditate or practice yoga or tai chi. This is also a popular place to take a date or to enjoy a picnic. You are allowed to feed the ducks and the fish.

Castetter Cactus Garden

This cactus garden is situated in the shadow of Zimmerman Library. Take a minute to admire the WPA-era architecture of this public library. There are displays worth seeing in the library as well as a cafe. You can enjoy your coffee in one of the deep seats in the library or outside in the courtyard while listening to the fountain.

The cactus garden contains succulents and cacti, and you’ll find many informational plaques to guide your visit. You can learn about water management in the Southwest, including xeriscaping. Some of the plants to be admired here include agave, yucca, prickly pear, and the century plant.

Ash Mall

This oasis stretches between the Anthropology Building and the Campus Chapel. The Anthropology Building is worth a visit for its fun and informative Maxwell Museum of Southwest Cultures and Archaeology. The Chapel is also a popular place for weddings, so you will often see people celebrating around the area. In addition to the green spruce and cacti, the hackberry and fruit trees provide a touch of color, as well as the flowers in the Van Dorn Hooker III Memorial Rose Garden.

There's lots more to see on campus, including the art gallery with transcendentalist Robert Johnson’s collection, the meteor museum, and the center of the universe. If you'd like to learn more about local attractions in the area or about our apartments at Olympus Northpoin, contact us for a tour of our community.


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