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 Man with tattoos holding and kissing small dog wearing beige sweater.



Spring is here and that can only mean one thing – it’s time to dress your four-legged friend in something cute and show the world! Or, if dressing up your little buddy is already an everyday occurrence, it’s just time to snap some extra photos. Because it’s also time for Olympus Northpoint’s Stylish Pet Contest! Email a picture of your buddy all dressed up to our office between May 17 and May 21 for a chance to win a Bark Basket. The winner will be chosen May 22. Send your pictures to

Here are a few fun ideas: 

Dress Your Dog Like a Dad

Nothing’s cuter than a doggy in a hip dad plaid. This plaid shirt from Chewy features a funky combination of colors, including orange, black, gray, and green, and absolutely screams, “I’m a cool, active dad who would be just as comfortable at a dive bar as I am at Home Depot.” 

Dress Your Dog Like It’s Normal

Show the world you’re not messing around with this 100% cashmere Cable Dog Sweater from Naked Cashmere. People who dress their dogs up as a joke rarely spend $85 on one piece of dog clothing. But you’re a different breed! This is your every day. (Go the extra mile and wrap your pup in this $610 insulated dog jacket, too.)

Dress Your Dog Like a Nightclub Bouncer

Is your little buddy ferocious? Or maybe she is so stoic it’s unnerving. Either way, this cute hoodie is the perfect accessory. All black with “Security” written in large white letters across the back, this authentic-looking uniform will have anyone you meet quickly pulling out their ID and talking to their toes. 

Dress Your Dog Like a Yuppy

Nothing says I’m a yuppy puppy like a dog-sized Ralph Lauren polo shirt. This hip throwback to ’80s self-indulgence is even available in pink, the perfect color to show the world you’re a free thinker, even as you conform to the fashion norms of the time. Whatever it means to you, there’s no arguing that it looks adorable on your pet. 

For more fun ways to humiliate your four-legged friend, visit the Olympus Northpoint blog


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