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Dinosaur skeleton facing camera.



Looking for a fun, wholesome way to spend a day in Albuquerque? Nothing beats a trip to the museum! Check out our guide to the best spots around town for looking at important stuff.

The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History

This is the place to go to learn about the entire history of nuclear technology, from the nuclear bomb to current peacetime uses of this fascinating energy source. Current and upcoming exhibits include female inventors, the history of the atomic bomb, and secrets of the Manhattan Project. The museum also hosts a variety of events, like the upcoming virtual one, on July 10, called A Glowing Complexion: Radium Beauty, all about radium health products.

New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science

Learn all about the natural world as it relates to New Mexico. This celebrated museum includes permanent exhibits on such topics as the billions of years that have passed between the universe’s creation and today, how and why life on earth emerged, and the many species of dinosaur that once called modern-day New Mexico home. Current temporary exhibits cover dinosaur eggs and babies, recent fossil discoveries, and the Apollo 11 mission.

Anderson-Abruzzo International Balloon Museum

You already know how much Albuquerque loves its balloons. Seal the deal with a visit to this special spot for balloon celebration. Exhibits include the history of ballooning, how they work, transatlantic flights, and balloon trips around the world. It also features regular temporary exhibitions. Visit the website to learn more.

American International Rattlesnake Museum

It’s a rattlesnake museum! Nothing’s more metal than that. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about these ankle biters and their deadly venom. According to their website, AIRM is also your source for “Albuquerque’s most popular T-shirt,” which also “makes a great gift idea.”

Looking for more fun ways to get out and explore? Check out the Olympus Northpoint blog.


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