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A giant festive spread with friends sharing plates at Olympus Northpoint



It’s that time of year when we gather with our most beloved friends and family and converse over a delicious meal about all of the things we are thankful for. Whether your design style is minimalist or you tend to go all out, take your tablescape design skills up a notch with these four tips for a festive thanksgiving table.

Pick a Tablecloth/Runner

Lay the groundwork before you start placing things on the table. Pick out an autumnal table runner like this one, or choose to go minimalist with a piece of craft paper draped and taped to the table. Easy clean up either way, and you’re all set for a relaxed holiday get-together.

Incorporate Florals & Produce

The idea of decorating the Thanksgiving table doesn’t have to feel daunting. Bring some of the outside in with a few simple dried flowers or greenery to spruce up the space. Place mini pumpkins, squash, moss, dried flowers, twigs, acorns, or pine cones throughout your tablescape to bring a natural element to the aesthetic.

Cohesive Dishware

Okay, maybe you don’t have the best dishware. Maybe it’s cracked, mismatched, or its colors don’t fit those fall vibes you’re going after. With a small investment, “fancy” plastic plates like these can take things up a notch. Another tip? Check out your local dollar store, where you’ll often find quality plates for a low, low price.

Space for Gratitude

Add a little fun to your dinner table. If you go the craft paper route for your table runner, leave a pen for each guest to write down what they are thankful for and then invite everyone to share their answers around the table. Another way to share sentiments is to place a clear jar or vase in the center of the table and have everyone right down their answers on dried leaves and place them into the jar.

While the holidays may look a little different this year, make the most of it with a fantastic Thanksgiving tablescape. For more tips on celebrating the holidays in style, visit the Olympus Northpoint blog.