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Spring cleaning is an age-old tradition with religious and cultural roots. But here’s the best reason for taking time out to deep clean now: When warm weather hits – and decides to stay – cleaning will be the last thing on your mind.

Use the few remaining cold weather snaps to tidy up your home. These three products will make it a breeze.

Bissell SpinWave Hard Floor Spin Mop, $102.99

Cleaning hard floors is no small chore. Sure, Swiffers are better than nothing when you’re pressed for time. And wet-dry Roombas are nice so long as your budget allows.

But if you want an economical solution for keeping hard floors clean – and for exerting minimal effort in the process – the Bissell SpinWave is for you. Rotating mop pads and on-demand spray eliminate the need for scrubbing. And the lightweight, cordless design makes the mop easy to maneuver, so you can power through this chore and move on to more important things.

iDesign + The Spruce Pantry and Refrigerator Organization Bins, $15+

On a scale of one to 10, how organized is your pantry? If you said 10, stop by our house on Saturday morning – I’ve got a project for you. But if you’re like the rest of mere mortals, you recognize there’s room for improvement.

Here’s where to start. Buy a few different shapes and sizes of these clear plastic bins. You can order them on Amazon or pick some up at Lowe’s. Don’t think too hard ahead of time about what you’ll put in each bin. Trust us. You’ll find something!

From bagged nuts and flours to canned soups and beans to all those annoying loose items – protein bars, hydration packets, tea bags, you get the picture – you will absolutely love having a place for everything. And your pantry will be that much closer to organized chaos (as opposed to pure chaos)!

Bottle Bright, $24

Have your favorite water bottles seen better days? If the thought of throwing away your best Nalgene makes you sad but carrying it around in its cloudy, dingy state makes you blush, you need Bottle Bright. Featured on Shark Tank – so you know they’re good – these dissolvable tablets will have your fav water vessel looking and smelling as clean as it did on day one.

The most exciting part is Bottle Bright even works on CamelBak bladders and tubes! Wait … you’re supposed to clean those? (Yikes.)

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