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Bushes in a botanical garden with purple flowers

Find Nature and Adventure Near Your Albuquerque Apartments

Adventure Around the ABQ BioPark in Albuquerque

Admiring the beauty of nature and gorgeous animals is one lovely way to spend an afternoon. When you live around Olympus Highlands North, you're surrounded by many great outdoor opportunities. However, there's one place that combines several exciting outdoor venues in one area. At ABQ BioPark near our Albuquerque apartments, you have your pick of plants, animals, and sea life. Just purchase single-site tickets for each destination, and you're good to go. The following are some ways that you can take advantage of this space.

The Zoo

Since 1927 ABQ residents have enjoyed the 64-acre zoo, which is now part of the BioPark. The zoo grounds are laid out in seven different areas to wander and explore. Each has habitats for different animals and some other features. 

In the middle of the zoo is the Central Parq area. It covers recreation areas like the duck pond with paddleboats, a carousel, Cottonwood Cafe, and Nature Theater for shows. You'll love the Penguin Chill area! Be sure to stop by when you are visiting the zoo.

Botanic Garden

The botanic garden's lovely 32 acres display flowers and plants from the Southwest. Additionally, look forward to the famed Butterflies and Bees exhibit, set to open on Memorial Day weekend. It will showcase 40 different types of butterflies alongside non-stinging local bees. Don't miss this exciting new experience.

The Aquarium

Check out underwater dwellers at the aquarium. One fantastic feature at the aquarium combines sea life and dining—the Shark Reef Cafe. When you visit, you will be privy to a look into an impressive 285,000-gallon ocean tank. 

Some of the creatures you will enjoy at the aquarium include the Nurse Shark, Unicornfish, and Weedy Seadragon,

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