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Close up of a neon arcade game showing a blank screen.

Experience Immersive Games at Electric Playhouse Arcade in Albuquerque

Most people are familiar with the classic arcade. From needing endless tokens to trying to win prizes, it's pretty standard fare. However, like so many things in Albuquerque, one arcade is different and exciting. A few minutes away from Olympus Highlands North, the Electric Playhouse is like no arcade you've ever been to. Jump right in and enjoy its cool offerings.


With 24,000 square feet, you have all the space you need to run and jump. That's because the Electric Playhouse does gaming differently. Here, visitors will see projected games with wild paths and missions as the games respond to your body movement. Fun games for as small or large a group as you prefer include Guacamole, Space Runner, and Air Hockey. With games changing every half hour, there's always going to be a new adventure in store.

Immersive Dining

As part of its approach using projection for gaming, you can experience amazing immersive dining. Offered as special ticketed events, these are usually themed meals. For your meal, you share a private space with your friend or group. As different meal courses change, so does the interactive scenery of the room.

Be sure to check the events page to see what immersive dining events are coming up. After your dining experience, you can head to the main gaming area and play some games as well.

Karaoke and More

When you're thinking of someplace new to try karaoke, the Electric Playhouse is the spot. Enjoy your favorite song as well as food and drink specials every Thursday night. Besides crooning to classic rock, you can check out art in a whole new way. With the walls as the canvas, different works are projected for your viewing pleasure.

In addition, there are spaces designed for cool photo opportunities. Keep smiling as you take picture after picture. After you get your fill of jumping around taking snaps for social media, enjoy a meal at the cafe. There are handhelds, tasty shareables, salads, and delicious beverages.

For more yummy beverages after the arcade, head to breweries in Albuquerque. When you want to live in the middle of our vibrant Albuquerque apartments, contact us. You can check out what living in Olympus Highlands North is like when you take a tour.