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a monkey swings on a rope at the Albuquerque zoo

What to Do at the Albuquerque Zoo

Spend a Day at the ABQ BioPark Zoo

Nestled next to the Rio Grande and close to our apartments in Albuquerque, the ABQ BioPark Zoo began offering up-close encounters with native and exotic animals in 1927. Every year, it welcomes thousands of visitors, and you'll always find something new to discover. Here are some of the animals you can learn about near Olympus Encantada:

Black Howler Monkey

You can't miss the black howler monkeys. They're the loudest of all terrestrial animals in the Western Hemisphere. Their low and guttural sounds can be heard up to three miles away. These monkeys live in Paraguay and parts of Brazil, 
Bolivia, and Argentina. They move about 1,300 feet a day and feast on flowers, tree leaves, and tropical forest fruits.

Spotted Hyena

Also known as laughing hyenas, spotted hyenas are native to sub-Saharan Africa. They live in clans ranging from under 20 individuals to more than 100. These animals usually eat zebras and antelopes and can chase their prey at speeds up to 37mph.  At times, laughing hyenas compete while eating and speed up to see who can finish first.

Macaroni Penguins

Named for their orange plume feathers, macaroni penguins are among the zoo's most popular animals. In the wild, their dives can last for two minutes. They spend six months at sea searching for prey and can travel 250 miles to find a hunting site. Macaroni penguins hop instead of waddle and molt once a year to replace old feathers with new ones.

The zoo is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Before learning about the animals, start your day with some of the best pancakes in Albuquerque. If you are looking to call Olympus Encantada home, please contact us. Our team will schedule a tour so you can see the amenities and floor plans our Albuquerque apartments have to offer.