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Motorcyclist traveling down Route 66 near Olympus Encantata in Albuquerque, New Mexico



Albuquerque is a one-of-a-kind city where even going for a drive can be an unusual and surprising experience. For a special journey, make sure to drive along the Musical Highway. The rumble strips on this section of highway play "America The Beautiful" as you drive over them.

Where To Go

This melodious stretch of highway is located on Eastbound Route 333, near exit 170, between mile markers 4 and 5. This was part of the old well-known Route 66 system. The road travels out of Albuquerque going east towards Tijeras. The road itself is quite barren, but while there may not be a lot to see, your sense of sound will be delighted.

How it Works

The rumble strips on the highway are perfectly spaced in a way that creates the sound pitches to create the notes of the song. The pitches are created by the vibrations of the tires going over the strip. Since sound waves are just vibrations, scientists were able to use this knowledge, coupled with mathematical calculations, to produce the needed sound waves to play a portion of the song.

The interesting thing is that every traveler will hear a different song. The size and material of the tires on each vehicle will affect the sound the riders hear when they drive over the road.

History and Practicality

Route 66 carries a lot of historical significance, as the main route of travel for those looking for work during the Dust Bowl era. The 2,400 mile roadway goes from Chicago all the way to Los Angeles.

The main benefit of the musical highway section, of course, is to reduce speeding in an area that is otherwise barren for miles. Since the novelty can only be heard at 45 miles per hour, which is precisely the speed limit, travelers slow down in order to listen.

There is so much so see and do in Albuquerque that you will be sure to find a new adventure every day. At Olympus Encantada, you will be located close to the Musical Highway and other delights. Contact us today in order to schedule a tour.