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Petroglyph at Petroglyph State Park near Olympus Encantata in Albuquerque, New Mexico



Just sixteen minutes from Olympus Encantada is one of the largest petroglyph sites in North America.

It's called the Petroglyph National Monument, and it features designs and symbols that were carved onto volcanic rocks by Native Americans and Spanish settlers between 400 and 700 years ago.

Several hiking trails allow for viewing of the petroglyphs as well as the area's natural features, and they include:

Rinconada Canyon (easy to moderate, 2.2-mile roundtrip)

Rinconada Canyon follows the northern escarpment, and along the way, hikers see rock wall alignments and shelters, various wildlife, and as many as three hundred prehistoric and historic petroglyphs.

Boca Negra (easy)

Boca Negra is open daily until 5:00 p.m., and it provides three self-guided trails that are both quick and easy. This is the monument's only fully developed area, and all the trails feature a diverse view of the landscape, and within one hour of walking, hikers can see approximately one hundred petroglyphs.

Vulcan Volcano Loop (moderate, two miles from the Albuquerque Overlook to the parking lot)

The National Park Service states that the trail along the eastern base of the Vulcan Volcano Loop is hard to find, but that it is worth the effort. A gradual incline leads to a mini volcanic valley and a well-preserved cinder cone, and the trail down follows Old Road.

The Petroglyph National Monument is just one of the outdoor attractions near our apartments in Albuquerque, New Mexico. If you're considering calling our community home, please contact us to schedule a tour where you can see our amenities firsthand.