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A high-angle shot of craft beers in a variety of flavors

Olympus Encantada


The Starr family opened this brewery in 2016 and named it after their three sons. As a family-run business, it’s a legacy with a deep investment in the craft of making good beer. And good beer it is – which you can tell from the national recognition these brews have earned.

Here are a few beers you absolutely must try next time you stop by.

L.A. Woman

This is a subtle malt-heavy blonde ale that Starr Brothers calls “easy drinking.” It’s the perfect brew for a long evening chatting with friends.

War Face

Take its name to heart – this double IPA is intense. It has a bare minimum of malt, showcasing an aggressive hops flavor. It’s described by Starr Brothers as “intensely happy.”

Zombies in a Manger

This biscochito stout is quintessentially New Mexican. It’s very dark, extremely full-bodied, creamy, and carries notes of that distinctive coffee flavor. Plus, you can’t beat the name!

Somos Cerveza

Known for its effervescence, this Mexican lager has a delicate balance and medium body.

Angel’s Flight

Fruity and fun, this brew has light cranberry and lime flavors that give it an extra kick and make it particularly refreshing.

Red Zepplin

This American red ale is sweet with notes of caramel and toffee. It’s on the dry side with a delicate, roasted undertone. It’s a perfect finish for an evening out.

Lampshade Porter

We can’t leave this one off the list. This dark, malty brew with a slightly burnt note is a Great American Beer Festival Bronze Medal Award winner. You’ll definitely want to try this extra bright star in the Starr Brothers lineup.

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