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Woman cooking in her home at Olympus Encantada in Albuquerque, New Mexico



We know, your life is busy. It’s hard to find the time to even relax, let alone cook a healthy meal. We understand! But eating healthy, whole foods is important for keeping your energy levels up and feeling your best. That’s why meal planning is so great! Spend a few hours one day a week and then eat something both healthy and delicious for every meal. What could be easier? For a little guidance, check out these quick tips to meal planning like a pro.

Gather Containers

To do this right, you’re going to need plenty of containers to store prepped ingredients, lunches, and leftovers. Old yogurt containers will only get you so far. Consider resealable glass containers like these from OXO at Crate & Barrel. Glass lasts longer and there’s no danger of strange chemicals from plastic leaching into your food.

Set Aside Some Time for Planning & Cooking

Investing time in one more chore doesn’t sound like fun, but you only have to do it this one or two days each week. And if you like spending a little time in the kitchen, even better!

Start by planning your menu. Brainstorm a few key dishes and then do an internet search for a few more options. Plan your dishes around key ingredients that can be used for multiple entrees. Dishes that will result in leftovers are also great. Make a shopping list with the ingredients you’ll need, then head to the store.

Get Cooking

You can either devote most of a day to your meal shopping and construction, or shop one day, say Saturday, and then do your prepping and cooking on Sunday. However you prefer to do it, it’s totally up to you.

Label & Enjoy

Labeling is optional but it adds a certain level of sophistication, and if you’re cooking for someone else or managing meals for someone with allergies or special dietary needs too, it can be very helpful.

And that’s it! You’re officially living a healthy lifestyle and will probably live forever. Good job. For more tips on extending your lifespan, visit the Olympus Encantada blog.