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Woman making her own tea at home | tea shops in albuquerque

Get Your Own Tea Essentials from These Tea Shops in Albuquerque

Check Out These Tea Shops in Albuquerque

Discovered in China thousands of years ago, tea is now one of the most popular beverages around the world. When you're ready to enjoy a cup, several local shops offer loose-leaf varieties, so you can enjoy your favorite flavors at home. Our top picks for tea shops near our Albuquerque apartments include:

The St. James Tearoom

A local fixture since 1999, The St. James Tearoom opened after Mary Alice Higbie decided to bring the British tea tradition to Albuquerque. The tearoom transports everyone to another time and place. In fact, it has been featured in CNN's Five Great American Tearooms and draws guests from near and far. Loose leaf teas include Lady Londonderry, Duchess of Bedford, and Buckingham Palace Tea Party. They can easily be ordered online for pick up, along with cream scones and other tasty treats. 

New Mexico Tea Company

Step into the New Mexico Tea Company to discover loose leaf tea from around the world. Co-founder David Edwards drinks plenty of tea - he loves it so much that he once tried to drink 40 cups in one day. Their friendly team will help you find a new favorite flavor. They'll also offer suggestions on sweeteners and teaware so you can brew the perfect cup. Loose leaf offerings include jasmine pearls, Shangri-la oolong, and hot cinnamon spice. 

The Fragrant Leaf

At The Fragrant Leaf, the small team is passionate about tea. They taste dozens of varieties every year. Many of the teas come from Asia's best tea gardens and small farms. You'll find something delicious, whether to enjoy with breakfast or before drifting off to sleep. Loose leaf teas include sencha green, lemongrass ginger, and amber pearl. Their selection also features teapots, teacups, and more. 

As you sip your favorite drink from these tea shops in Albuquerque, enjoy a good read from a locally-owned bookstore. Finally, to call Olympus Encantada home, please contact our leasing team. We would love to show you everything our apartments in Albuquerque have to offer!