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Woman smiling with her eyes closed while holding a latte under her nose.



Whether you need a midday refill or are looking for a new morning spot to start your day, here are five cozy coffee shops in ABQ to caffeinate. 

Humble Coffee Company

If you prefer the humble approach to an amazing tasting cup of joe, you won’t be disappointed by the offerings from this local company. Their two beautiful locations are super comfortable and inviting, with soothing colors and rustic hardwood finishes. 

Little Bear Coffee Co.

This minimalist ABQ coffee company with two shops in the area is dedicated to providing a friendly atmosphere, brewing the most delicious coffee, and teaching customers how to prepare their own coffee at home. We think they’re doing a pretty good job. Grab a bag of their single-origin coffee to go, and turn your dining room into a private coffee shop that only serves you and your favorite people.  

Zendo Coffee

Local roaster Zendo serves up its delicious coffee and tea offerings from an art-filled minimalist haven in downtown Albuquerque. Grab a fresh Sister Bar breakfast burrito or Burque Bakehouse pastry from their case, and then wash it down with the best cafe con leche you ever tasted. Now that’s a winning breakfast.   

Pinon Coffee House

Featuring two locations in Albuquerque and one in Rio Rancho, this much-loved local favorite offers a wide variety of specialty drinks, including a maple walnut latte, a seasonal PSL, and cans of nitro cold brew. They also serve delicious breakfast burritos and a variety of sweet breakfast treats. 

Michael Thomas Coffee Roasters

If this popular coffee company wasn’t known for its delectable coffee offerings, it would be known for its eclectic coffee shops. Their Carlisle location occupies an adorable adobe bunker, while their Bryn Mawr spot offers an idyllic courtyard area where you can sip your brew and chat under an umbrella. And don’t forget Tin Can Alley! 

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