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In 2021, cool new fitness equipment and innovative small-space exercise solutions are making it easier than ever to get a great workout in your apartment. Here are five useful home gym additions that will help you get stronger without cluttering your space.


One of the simplest things you can add to your apartment’s home gym is also one of the most versatile – and effective. Kettlebells aren’t new and innovative, but they’re timelessly awesome. By condensing a lot of weight into a compact package, a kettlebell provides powerful resistance for a range of exercise movements. Rep out some kettlebell swings to improve your strength and cardio fitness, or cycle through a huge range of exercises, from snatches to presses to squats, all made much more difficult by your hefty new kettlebell. Bonus: It comes with its own handle for your convenience!

Doorway Pull-Up Bar

A pull-up bar adds an exciting dimension to any workout space. Pull-ups, in addition to being intensely hard, provide one of the most efficient exercises for back and arm strength. Pull-up bars that sit on a doorframe offer the perfect solution for apartments, since they don’t require mounting, and they can be easily removed and stored in between your works. If you’re working your way up to doing full pull-ups, or if you want to push yourself on every set, try a pull-up assist band to give you an extra boost.

Indoor Bike Trainer

If riding a bike is your exercise of choice, think about investing in an indoor bike trainer like the Sportneer Magnetic Bike Trainer Stand or the Saris Fluid2 Trainer to help you get in more miles. There’s no need to throw down for an expensive stationary bike. Just use the one you already have (and love)! For a few hundred dollars, you can make it usable inside, too. When the Albuquerque sun is high and hot, doesn’t an indoor ride with a little Netflix in the background sound nice?

Exercise Sliders

Small, inexpensive, light, and highly versatile – exercise sliders are the quintessential small-space workout gear. Sliders decrease friction with the floor, adding a dynamic element to any exercise. Your lunges and leg stretches, core workouts, and push-ups will all get a boost when you throw sliders into the mix. You can find sliders specifically designed for carpet and sliders designed for hardwood-style floors, so make sure to choose the right product based on where in the apartment you plan to exercise.

Gorilla Bow

If you’ve been working out at home, you might already have a set of dumbbells or two, but you probably don’t have a barbell to play with. The Gorilla Bow offers a cool new option for barbell-style training at home. The bow itself weighs just six pounds, and you won’t have any cumbersome weights to store, since all the resistance bands can be easily stored in a closet or drawer. As far as the resistance, they offer a wide range of tensions, all the way up to the Ultra Heavy Band Kit, boasting 340 pounds of resistance.

Whether you’re loaded up with gear or working with just your bodyweight, we hope you enjoy getting stronger with every session! For more health and fitness tips, clean-eating recipes, and active events around Albuquerque, check out the Olympus Encantada blog.