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If there’s one thing Albuquerque has in abundance, it’s old things to look at. Surely you’ve heard of the famous ghost tour, but have you actually done it? How about any of the other fascinating tours? Well, there’s no time like the present. Here’s our guide to where you should walk.

Ghost Tour of Old Town

Presented by #AbqTours, this ghost tour has been going on since the eerie year of 2001. Spooooky! You’ll hear blood-curdling family- and pet-friendly tales of terror, told by lantern light, as you learn about the fascinating history of our Old-West city.

 #AbqTours also offers a Moonlight version of this tour. It takes place at 10 PM, and is extra spooky because it’s only offered on nights where there is a special moon in the sky. Private ghost tours are also available.

Plaza to Plaza Walking Tour: Downtown to Old Town

This is a self-guided tour designed by the city of Albuquerque. The route is marked by waypoints embedded in the ground, and a handy PDF map tells you exactly where to go, what to look at, and why. Learn about the history of our great city, from Old West town to modern metropolis.

Downtown Albuquerque Mural Mosey

This was the name of an actual event that has long since passed, but the map created for that event is still available in PDF form and offers everything you need to recreate the magic. Begin at Humble Coffee on 5th and Central, and head south to the 516 ARTS building – your tour starts there. The handy map includes walking directions, locations of murals, and the names of the piece and its artist.

Self Guided Tour of ABQ’s Beer & Coffee

The city offers a map with the locations of all Albuquerque’s many destinations for beer or beans. You be the judge of which one is best. Good luck, and know your limits! You don’t want to be awake all night or sleep for two days.

Duke City E-Bike Tour | A Cycling Cruise Through the Cultural Arts District of Albuquerque & the Historic Barelas Neighborhood

Dislike walking? Do you, perhaps, prefer riding bikes but hate pedaling? And do you like seeing historical stuff but not lingering too long? Boy, do we have the perfect tour for you. Hop on one of these electric “bicycles,” hit go, and race your fellow tourers to the finish line.

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