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Sneakers sitting on a shoebox with clear containers full of sneaker pairs in the background.



Sneakerheads are more than collectors, they’re connoisseurs, and one special edition drop is not enough. There’s no shame in owning sweet kicks. The team at Olympus Encantada has three must-have accessories for any sneaker lover worth their salt. 

Shoe Laces

If you have cool kicks, you need cool laces. There are a few designer lace brands and quirky kinds, but Slickies is known for creating specific lace lines to match special drop Jordans, Yeezys, and more. Make sure to check out unique ways to lace up your shoes to add extra swag to your look. 

Display Boxes

If you’re a true sneakerhead, chances are you have a lot of unworn pairs still sitting in boxes. Get those puppies out on display so you can at least enjoy them with your eyes if your feet are never going to. Clear display boxes are a great way to make your collection a decorative centerpiece. Or, try one of the super cool shoe levitating display cases to showcase a particular shoe. 

Sick Apps

Grow your collection and know their value with a series of apps to help you track drops, restocks, and immerse yourself in the world of sneakernomics. Here’s a quick list to get you going and help you become an expert. 

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