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Cute kitty peaking over a table at Olympus Encantada



Cats are, by nature, theatrical. Their gait has all the dramatic flair of an Oscar-bait film. Their tails swish and flick with the finesse of a painter’s brush. Even their characteristic meows were the source of inspiration for the popular concert piece “Duetto buffo di due gatti,” whose lyrics consist of one word repeated over and over: “meow.” So it only makes sense that our feline friends would find their way into our cinematic treasures. Here are some of the best movies ever starring cats!


Kedi (Turkish for “cat”) is a 2016 documentary film that follows the lives of street cats in Istanbul – and the humans who interact with them. Street cats have lived in Turkey’s cultural center for centuries, some who make their own way, and some who have come to rely on the kindness of their human admirers to survive. Beautifully shot, Kedi gives us a poignant, poetic look at these creatures who have confounded, inspired, and helped us throughout human history.

Captain Marvel

OK, technically this isn’t a movie about cats. And technically (minor spoilers) there isn’t exactly a cat in the movie. But Goose, one of Captain Marvel’s companions, has a pretty major presence in Captain Marvel – and is honestly one of the best parts of the entire film! If you haven’t checked out this underrated campfest, it’s worth a watch, if only for Goose.


OK, hear us out. Yes, Cats (2019) is, pardon the pun, a catastrophe. Everything you’ve heard about this movie is true. The CGI looks rushed, unfinished, and deeply unsettling. The original musical’s already thin plot is somehow made worse by the film’s reframing of the narrative. The cast is bloated with A-list celebrities who couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. Then there’s the cringey ad-libbed “comedy” and just about every cat pun imaginable. But that’s what makes watching it such a delight! You think, surely, it can’t get worse than this – and then it does! Again and again, Cats surprises you through the depths of its awfulness. It is the epitome of so bad, it’s good. It must be seen to be believed! That said, Jennifer Hudson’s performance of “Memory” is legitimately stunning – so long as you can ignore the snot running down her face throughout the entire movie.

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