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If you’re like millions of people around the country – and the world – February 14 is the day you celebrate the love you share with another person. But if you’re single, or you don’t go out for cheesy greeting card holidays, Valentine’s Day is just annoying. If you fall into the latter category, this blog post may be just the thing you need to reclaim your second Monday in February this year. Check out our picks for the best dive bars in Albuquerque to spend this “special” day.

Bar Uno

Calling itself both “the most dog-friendly bar in town” and “the smallest dive bar in New Mexico,” Bar Uno seemingly has it all, including an ideally dark location off Route 66. Head here with your four-legged date and pretend you’re with Brad Pitt or his female equivalent. The low lighting and strong drinks will help make those sloppy pup kisses just a little sweeter. 

106 2nd St. SW, ABQ

Downtown Distillery 

Featuring two levels of booze-drenched awesomeness, a low-light atmosphere, and lots and lots of pool tables, Downtown Distillery is the perfect place to hide in the shadows as you nurse a shot and beer all alone. Or you can make friends – and then beat them at pool and take their money! Either way, this is a perfect place to spend February 14. 

406 Central Ave. SW, ABQ


A little on the bright side as far as the bars on this list go, this spot also has a ton of pool tables. Their shining star, though, is probably the vast selection of bottled beers they keep in stock, in addition to their wide selection of drafts. You’ll definitely see your fair share of hipsters in here, subtracting from that authentic dive feel, but sometimes you gotta branch out!

409 Central Ave. NW, ABQ 

Dragon Horn Tavern

If the name of this unassuming Eastside tavern inexplicably makes you think pool tables and jam bands rather than dungeon-themed death metal, this is that place. Conveniently located in the same stripmall as Albertsons, at the corner of Juan Tabo and Candelaria, Dragon Horn is the real deal – dark, packed full of people on a Friday night, and serving up strong drinks, friendly faces, and plenty of pool tables. You won’t find hipsters here, but you’ll probably make a friend. And that’s what this special day is all about! 

2906 Juan Tabo Blvd. NE, Ste. A, ABQ

Hopefully one of these romantic destinations will make your heart sing this V-Day. Either way, you can be sure we love you! For more tips on doing your holidays dirty, check the Olympus Alameda blog.