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Spring break is just around the corner. Add these four books to your suitcase while you’re packing your swimsuit, beach towel, and flip-flops.

The Familiar Dark

Nothing says spring break like warm weather, lots of sunshine, and a dark thriller in your hand. The Familiar Dark by Amy Engel follows the main character’s journey for the truth after the loss of her daughter. The book is filled with murder, mystery, and family secrets. If you want something you can finish in one beach trip, make sure to pick this one up! 

Only Mostly Devastated

Only Mostly Devastated by Sophie Gonzales offers a new twist on Grease. It’s a YA novel, so it’s an easy read and it’s already collecting a lot of attention, including a Gold Award from the Junior Library Guild. It’s fun, it’s queer, and all around heartwarming. 

The Yellow Bird Sings

If you’re a historical fiction nut, this vacation is the ideal time to pick up The Yellow Bird Sings by Jennifer Rosner. This mother-daughter story is inspired by actual experiences from Jewish children during World War II. Follow along as Roza and Shira do whatever it takes to hide and survive together – and yes, there will be tears. 

People You Meet on Vacation

Two friends with nothing in common share one week together on vacation every year, until one vacation tears them apart. People You Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry is the ideal beach read with a sweet friends to lovers tale. Embrace the warm fuzzies inside, while you enjoy the warm weather outside. 
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