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A smiling man and woman placing a sofa in their living room



Whether you’re on a decluttering kick, trying to make space for company, or rearranging your furnishings to refresh a room, removing certain items will immediately make a room of any size feel larger. These pro tips will help make your home feel as bright, open, and spacious as possible. 

Window Coverings

You may love those velvet drapes or the scalloped valances that coordinate with your sofa. But they block the light entering your room and can appear heavy – having the unintended effect of closing in the room. For a clean, modern look, undress that window! Lose the window coverings to maximize the natural light, and just leave up the blinds or some light-colored sheers if needed for privacy and softness. 

Entertainment Centers

As televisions and other media components have grown slimmer and more lightweight, the need for bulky entertainment centers has all but disappeared. Get rid of that giant piece of furniture that takes up an entire wall in your living room, and get a mounting bracket that lets you hang your TV on the wall. Go wireless with accessories and gaming consoles whenever possible. If you must have certain components hardwired to your TV, look for a slim, low-profile console that doesn’t visually or physically occupy much space. 

Matching Sets of Furniture

When you look at a matching sofa and loveseat, or a bed, nightstands, and dresser that are all part of a set, your brain tends to connect the dots and register them as one, large item that dominates the room. This can make it feel overstuffed. Sets like this can also limit your options for how to arrange the pieces in the space. Instead, try to mix and match a sofa with an accent chair or two in different fabrics and finishes. Or pair your new upholstered bed with funky vintage nightstands, or mismatched (but coordinating) end tables for a relaxed, bohemian vibe. You don’t necessarily have to get rid of extra matching pieces you already own. Move them into another room to coordinate with different furnishings, or refinish and repurpose them. 

Enjoy your new, roomier space, and take a look at more blog posts from Olympus Alameda for other great ideas to make your home and your life more enjoyable.


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