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A group of 6 people pedal on a stationary assault bike in a CrossFit gym



If you’re a CrossFit devotee, you need to know all that Albuquerque’s CrossFit scene has to offer. Here are some of the best boxes in the Duke City.

CrossFit Albuquerque

This box, on Eagle Rock NE, is dedicated to making sure its members have proper technique, as well as offering a wide variety of strength and cardiovascular workout opportunities. You’ll learn powerlifting, basic gymnastics, rope climbing, rowing, and more, as well as get nutritional and lifestyle tips to help you achieve your goals.

Duke City CrossFit

Here, it’s all about community. This box stays true to the values of CrossFit by welcoming everyone into its doors and creating a sense of support among its members. You’ll never feel alone in your fitness journey here. You’ll start out with a free consultation and learn whether or not this experience is right for you – and if you join, you’ll find exactly the motivation you need to keep you going.

Bear Canyon CrossFit

Over on Osuna, you’ll find this CrossFit box decked out with all the basic CrossFit gear. They offer childcare services, which are free for members, and you’ll find everything you need here. And who knows – you might even be chosen as Athlete of the Month!

CrossFit Petroglyph

You’ll find that this box is all about creating an environment for mental strength – which, in some ways, is even more important than physical strength. Their members run the gamut from grandparents to teenagers and everyone in between. They know how hard it can be to reach fitness goals in bodies that don’t always cooperate with us. And they’re ready to walk you through that journey and help you conquer your fears. No excuses!

Big Barn CrossFit

Get up that rope. Pick up those kettlebells. Big Barn isn’t kidding with its name – it’s one of the biggest CrossFit gyms in Albuquerque and they are ready to make you sweat! Their claim to fame is their top-notch coaching, ensuring that all members have the best experience and most success possible.

Cantina CrossFit

Over on Copper Avenue is a CrossFit experience that’s all about you. Though they provide the same commitment to community as any other CrossFit gym would, they are passionate about tracking each member’s progress and tailoring every workout to their specific needs.

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