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While it’s true there are endless Black Friday and last-minute Christmas Eve sales to take advantage of, many people forget that there’s one last opportunity to get some great deals – right after the holidays. Inventory is updated and refreshed every January, so now is the time to do some research and plan ahead, so you can be ready for some of the best deals yet to come.

Here are some items to keep your eyes on.

Holiday Gifts

This might seem like an item that got into this blog post by mistake, but it’s not. Retailers typically bulk up their inventory – particularly of toys and small gift items – right before the holidays in order to meet the needs of consumers. However, once the holidays are over, they are usually overstocked with whatever is left and will deeply discount these items. So get some of next year’s holiday gift shopping done well ahead of time. And don’t forget that many of these items also make great birthday gifts.

Wrapping Paper & Holiday Decorations

Just as with the previous category, retailers are anxious to move out leftover stock of holiday decorations and wrapping supplies. You can snag artificial Christmas trees, garlands, string lights, wrapping paper, gift bags, and more for a steal if you hit the stores soon enough. Remember they will cycle through to Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day items within weeks of Christmas, so go find these deals as soon after the holiday as you can.

Winter Clothing

Retailers tend to shift clothing inventory every January and July. In the height of winter, they’ll be ready to start showcasing the new summer lines. So check out their sale racks – most everything from the current winter lines will end up on clearance within weeks after Christmas. Kohl’s and Target are great places to start.

Fitness Products

One thing retailers count on every New Year is people’s renewed commitment to lose weight or get healthier. In the hopes of encouraging purchases, many will offer deep discounts on exercise machines, weights, home gyms, Fitbits, and more. Even gyms will get in on this trend – look for membership discounts in late December/early January and get in on a great deal.

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