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The Palmer is Going Smoke-Free!

We have some exciting news! As you know, Olympus Property cares deeply for the environment and providing a more eco-friendly environment for living in. We decided starting May 1st, 2021 that The Palmer in Charlotte, North Carolina will be going 100% smoke-free. A smoke-free community does not mean people who smoke cannot live in our apartments, or that they must quit. It means that our residents and their guests cannot smoke inside any of the community buildings or in specified areas like balconies, patios, or common areas.

Why create smoke-free communities?

Let’s clear the air! By becoming a smoke-free community, there will be numerous positive environmental and health impacts. Eliminating smoking within the community means there will be no more exposure to second-hand smoke which leads to better air quality and no smoke odors. A smoke-free community increases everyone’s safety and comfort. There will be a reduction in fire-related injuries, and reductions in personal and property damage. This will leave a healthier living atmosphere for everyone, keeping our community cleaner and safer.

What’s next?

With our community going 100% smoke-free, this means that no smoking will be permitted inside any of our common areas (indoor & outdoor). This includes cigarettes, cigars, tobacco products, e-cigarettes, marijuana, hookah, spice, salvia, K2, etc. All resident renewals and new move-ins will be asked to sign a smoke-free addendum with our on-site team.

Get FREE support to quit smoking.

Speak with a quit smoking coach: 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669)
Para ayuda en español: 1-800-DÉJELO-YA (1-800-335-3569)

Online tools and support to quit smoking:

SmokeFreeTXT 24/7 text messaging program: Text START to 47848

Mobile app to build your skills to quit: QuitGuide


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