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A woman’s legs stick out from the top of a huge pile of clothes.



Do you feel lost in the clutter? If your apartment has no less than four random mail piles, a closet floor full of unworn, unfolded clothes, or every drawer is a junk drawer – you’ve got clutter. The messy corners of your life could be adding stress to your day and making it hard to find or access things. Maybe you’ve even lost items you truly love somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle-like pile of “stuff.” The team at The Palmer came up with a few tips to help you declutter your home in 2021.

Ask Yourself the Hard Questions

The top reasons people resolve to declutter their homes are peace, space, and freedom. When you go through the items in your home, ask yourself if they serve one of those goals.The idea is that very few items are worth it. Leave excuses behind, such as “just in case,” emotional attachments, or the idea you don’t have time to organize. It does get easier once you get the hang of it.

Get Seasonal

A great organization method is to box up seasonal items. If your shoe rack is overflowing, switch out your sandals for your rain boots. Put your tank tops in an under-the-bed storage container and make your sweaters front-and-center for winter. This method helps prevent clutter and makes your most-used seasonal items easier to access.

Create a Decluttering Routine

Look, we are not saying you have to go full minimalist. We are suggesting you recycle the stack of catalogs full of expired coupons. And maybe keep ahead of possible problem piles by keeping track regularly. If you stay on top of the clutter, you can prevent piles before they start. If you need more specific tips, you can try out one of several methods shared in this HuffPost article. Whether you adopt the Trash Bag Tango or go with the Backward Hanger methods recommended in the piece, you are on your way to a more organized home.

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