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Young woman in a sunlit interior using a spray bottle to water a group of potted green plants



After a wild year with no small amount of disruption, many of us are looking to start a new chapter and add fresh flavor to our days. If you’re feeling a little isolated and want to breathe some life into your home, or if you’re looking to test your readiness for responsibility in an arena with super-low stakes – houseplants are here for you! Check out these five local garden stores that will help you dig into the life-giving hobby of caring for houseplants.

Lowe’s Garden Center

A great place to start your search, Lowe’s on Tryon Street at I-485 offers a huge selection of plants just a mile from The Palmer. If you’re just getting started, their discount plants can help you to build a nice little variety of houseplants without breaking the bank. Of course, you can also stock up on any tools or potting soil you need while you’re there.

Blackhawk Hardware

Shopping local makes a difference, and if you’re looking for the local favorite garden store, head to Blackhawk Hardware in the Park Road Shopping Center. Treat yourself to a free coffee as you peruse their impressive indoor plant selection, and enjoy awesome customer service from their friendly staff when you have questions. You can bring your pups with you for the shopping trip, and they’ve even got a dog wash station to clean them up if (or when) they get into something!

Rountree Nursery & Supply

Located on Scholtz Road just up the I-77 from The Palmer, Rountree Nursery & Supply provides an awesome plant shopping experience for a sunshiny day. Pore over their huge selection of houseplants, flowers, herbs, and trees, and look for the exotic ones as you go. With rotating houseplant offerings and a beautiful variety of succulents, all reasonably priced, this family-owned nursery could be your go-to spot.

Pike Nurseries

Even if the sun isn’t shining, and it’s looking a little dreary outside, that’s no reason to abandon your honorable houseplant quest! Head out to Pike Nurseries in the Toringdon Circle Shopping center to check out their huge indoor garden center, all clearly organized to help you find what you need. Choose from a good selection of houseplants and succulents in great health. Everyone will go home happy!

Banner Nursery & Garden Center

For a fun little jaunt across town, head over to Banner Nursery & Garden Center off of US-21, where you can enjoy local greenery while supporting Charlotte small business owners. Make sure to leave yourself enough time to wander the huge property and look through their diverse selection of plants. Banner Nursery makes a great starting point for beginners: a wide variety will help you decide on what you like, and the knowledgeable staff can point you to which houseplants will thrive in your space, with tips on what kind of light and water they want in order to grow.

Happy Houseplant Hunting!

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