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Fresh glass of beet juice with beets on a cutting board at The Palmer



Whether you’re an avid marathon runner or an occasional gym yo-yoer, here are three supplements and ingredients you never knew about that could improve your performance and recovery time.

Beet Powder

This root vegetable is popularly used as a salad pairing or even processed into food coloring, but beets have incredible benefits outside of its simple taste and bright pink pigment. The nitrates and nutrients in beets help to improve athletic performance, so much so that you can purchase beet root powders to use as fitness supplements. This powder is a great substitute for chemical-laden pre workout supplements, as it gives you a punch of natural-derived plant-based energy!


Medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil is typically derived from coconut oil, palm oil, or dairy. MCT oil has a variety of benefits, like helping to balance blood sugar levels and lower body weight. MCT oil is a great ingredient to supplement into your diet – Try swapping out your sugary coffee creamer with this tasty MCT oil blend. More of a tea drinker? Add a splash of Dr. Berg’s MCT Oil into your daily brew.

Vitamin C & Quercetin

When working out, whether it be jogging around the block a few times or regular heavy weight lifting, your body is put through oxidative stress. Muscles are damaged and begin the repair process – Hence why you feel sore after a workout. Post-exercise, inflammatory cells come to the rescue and begin the healing process. Antioxidant supplements have shown to help you reap the benefits of a workout, sands the painful muscles soreness. Vitamin C and quercetin step in to help diminish the inflammatory response, leaving you with better recovery time and less aches and pains.

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