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Stylish living room accessorized with a woven basket holding a leafy plant and a cozy blanket draped across the mint green sofa.



If you want to overhaul a room (or two or three), but don’t have loads of extra cash or a winning lottery ticket on hand, here are three stylish decor upgrades you can pull off on a limited budget.

Add a Feature Wall

Add a focal point and a pop of color or pattern in a room with a feature wall. A can of paint and a little elbow grease is all it takes. If you’re feeling a little more ambitious, get onboard with one of the latest trends and create a cool geometric pattern with different shades of color and some painter’s tape. If you’re renting and your apartment community won’t let you paint (always check first!), you can use removable wallpaper for equally stunning results. This can also work well to create a new look for the backsplash in your kitchen.

Natural Textures

Soften a modern or Scandi-minimalist look by introducing natural textures and elements. A woven basket next to an armchair to store magazines or to hold a house plant suggests an earthy, laid-back vibe. A DIY driftwood and yarn wall hanging or recycled wood frames for treasured photos or favorite art prints can easily transform your walls. A chunky knit throw or faux sheepskin draped across dining room chairs is both eye-catching and cozy.

A New Color Palette

Update your bedroom, office, or living room with the two hottest new colors for 2021: Pantone’s Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (a bright, lemony yellow). This can be as easy as adding throw pillows to your sofa, desk accessories, or some new bed linens or curtains in these shades. Or you can really commit by painting walls (again, check with your property manager first if you’re renting), or buying a large area rug in this on-trend palette.

Have fun decorating and check out The Palmer’s blog for more great style tips.