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Close up of tropical heliconia flowers in bright red and yellow.



A lovely fresh flower arrangement adds color and life to any space. And if your florals showcase some of the latest trends, you’ll also be subtly demonstrating your good taste and mastery of design. Here’s what’s hot right now when it comes to flowers.

Modern Carnations

Carnations have made a comeback, in a new, cooler incarnation. So-called “party carnations” are dyed and dipped in psychedelic shades that are part pink, part purple, and orange, or have dark blue centers and white tips. Some are arranged in eye-popping color combos like orange, green, and hot pink, while others create an ombre effect with graduating tones of the same color. These throwback stems are making a current statement.

Bright Colors

With this trend, dazzling colors are used to ignite otherwise neutral spaces and resurrect a joy and vibrancy that’s often been missing during the pandemic. The more vivid the colors, the better! Think fluorescent yellow marigolds or neon fuschia peonies and azaleas. Don’t be afraid to take risks with color when it comes to your flowers.

Soft Neutrals

Not every room or palette calls for an explosion of color. Natural, earthier tones can make their own statement. Cream and brown roses with a hint of greenery offer a soothing and elegant sensibility. Or create boho vibes with dried pampas grass or Italian ruscus.

Unconventional Tropicals

Channel a warm, sunny beach, even if it’s cold and miserable outside, with an arrangement that includes unexpected tropical stems. Go beyond orchids and go bold, with birds of paradise, mini pineapples, reindeer or kangaroo paws, or heliconias. Add even more visual interest by making your arrangement asymmetrical or adding a backdrop of monstera leaves painted with metallics.

Enjoy your beautiful blooms, and check back at the SouthPark Morrison blog for more lifestyle and decorating tips.


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