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With the new year finally here, it’s time to update your decor. And we don’t just mean tossing your holiday decorations in the closet, eating those leftover candy canes, and dumping the curdled dregs of old eggnog. It’s time to spruce things up. Check out our guide to decorating for 2022.

Choose Your Hues

The experts are talking, and the new base color for 2022 has been clearly decided. It’s brown. Yep, brown. It has even been referred to as the new black. But that doesn’t mean everything should be brown – you can set it off with bright, natural hues like greens, yellows, and blues. Prepare to dress and decorate accordingly.

Dark Magic

Bright kitchens are out, dark kitchens are the new cool. Time to retire your brightly colored kitchen towels and accessories, and replace them with dark and neutral tones. Kitchen couture 2022 is all about hiding spills and crumbs for later, rather than scrambling to clean them up before anyone sees them. That’s one trend almost anyone can get behind!

Party Monster

Home bars really took off over the past few years, and they’re only getting more extravagant. If you’ve got the space and you enjoy a good sipper, spend a little time building the ultimate bar space in your pad. You’ll be everyone’s favorite friend.

Indoor/Outdoor Options

Another result of increased time spent at home is a desire for more connection to nature. Add more outdoors to your apartment by turning your balcony or patio into the ultimate chill zone and an extension of your living room.

Embrace the Old

Vintage furniture never really goes out of style, but it’s decidedly in right now. Remove table coverings and make sure everyone can see just how old your end tables, dishware, and dining set are. Finally, being behind the times is perfectly fine.

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