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Ready to raise your glass in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day? We’ve got a few suggestions on where to go for a great pint and a fun holiday evening.

Heist Brewery

Ten years ago, this was the only brewpub in Charlotte. Today, they’re still going strong, specializing in German- and Belgian-style brews. Try their Druid Pils, a German pilsner, Grand Optimist IPA, or the Daaank Daniel Pale Ale. Locals come for their food as much as their beer. Their flatbreads are legendary, and their sandwiches, burgers, and wraps take pub fare to new heights.

Birdsong Brewery

This little neighborhood brewery was started by a husband and wife team who wanted to create a place where locals could go for the perfect pint, or a take-home growler. Locals love their Higher Ground IPA and Lazy Bird Brown Ale. And if you need a kick for this celebration, try the Jalapeño Pale Ale.

Divine Barrel Brewing

Head over to NoDa to visit this award-winning brewery that will keep you busy with plenty to sample for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration. If you go on the Monday or Tuesday of this holiday week, you can participate in Trivia Night or Digital Music Bingo. Or simply gather a few friends and head over on the 17th or the following weekend, when you can stay out a little later. You absolutely must try their Carolina Cobbler with its blueberry undertones, or the Ice Cream Paint Job which includes delicious hints of raspberry, chocolate, and vanilla.

Petty Thieves Brewing Company

Known for its stunning, occult-style branding, this brewery has made a name for itself on the Charlotte scene. Try their All Is Not Lost Rice Saison Ale with its fruity undertones, the Depraved & Confused raspberry french toast sour, or their classic Andalusia.

Armored Cow Brewing Company

This is the perfect place for a casual St. Patrick’s Day celebration, where the atmosphere is always warm and welcoming and the beer is always top-quality. You’ll love ordering simply because the names of these brews are so fun. How about the Shake that Axe, an American Light Lager, the U Put the Lime in the Coconut Berliner Weiss with undertones of – you guessed it – lime and coconut, or the Bitchin’ Betty Brown Ale with chocolate and honey malts.

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