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The legs of a person walking in an airport pulling a wheeled travel bag.



With the holidays upon us, you may find yourself taking to the skies to celebrate the season with your loved ones. For the long trips ahead, here are five must-have items to make your travels more comfortable. 

Airplane Pillows

Nothing wrong with a classic. When it comes to those long plane rides, you should do your neck a favor and purchase an airplane pillow. That way, you don’t find yourself resting your head on the shoulder of a perfect stranger.

Solar-Powered Portable Cellphone Charger

We all know the scene. People at airports huddled next to power outlets to recharge their phones. But, of course, there’s no need for all that with a portable cellphone charger. Portable chargers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes these days, but the ones we recommend give you the ability to charge two cellphones simultaneously. And if you drop an item on your travels, the charger even has a LED flashlight.         

Travel Shoe Bags

Depending on where you find yourself this holiday season, whether it’s someplace sunny and sandy or chilly and snowy, travel shoe bags are fantastic for keeping the rest of your suitcase items safe from whatever you weren’t able to shake off your footwear. 

Travel Bottles

We've all been in line at the security gate when a TSA agent tells someone they have to throw away something liquid because the container is too big. That's why travel bottles are a lifesaver. Standard travel bottles never exceed the TSA requirements, so you'll never be the person everyone else sees dumping out their hair gel.

Vacuum Storage Space Saver Bags 

When you travel for the holidays, chances are you may have a gift or two taking up luggage space. So much in fact that you don't have room for your clothes and daily essentials. Enter vacuum storage space-saving bags. This nifty little kit comes with 12 vacuum-sealable bags and a hand pump. This kit allows you to seal your clothing in the plastic bags, seal them up tight, and remove all the excess air. This compresses your clothing without damaging them. The result is more space in your suitcase!   

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