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woman in a boat paddling on lake in Twin Falls

Go Fishing, Kayaking, and More at Dierkes Lake in Twin Falls

Three Things to Do at Dierkes Lake in Twin Falls

It's no secret that southern Idaho is full of adventures for outdoor enthusiasts. With all of the amazing options, where do you go next? Our Twin Falls apartments are in proximity to some breathtaking attractions, from canyons and waterfalls to lakes and national forests. Dierkes Lake in Twin Falls is a beautiful destination. Here’s some information on all the activities you can enjoy there.

Host a Barbecue

Gather friends and family for a scenic barbecue or picnic along the shore. A floating dock sits across the lake so be sure to bring your swimsuits in case you decide to cool off in the water. The park has a beach for sunbathing, shelters close by that are available for rent, and picnic tables.

Go Fishing

For those who prefer to spend their weekend in solitude, Dierks Lake has plenty of opportunity to catch bass, trout, and bluegill. The picturesque landscape makes for a serene atmosphere and there's plenty of parking nearby so you won't have to walk far. Be sure to check Twin Falls fishing regulations as they can change from season to season.

Kayak or Paddleboard

Bring your kayak or paddleboard to witness the stunning lake up close. There are some incredible rock formations and you'll get to experience views of the canyon from different angles. Don't forget your camera! You'll want to capture some incredible photos. If you're up for it, jump from some small cliffs into the cool water below.

Dierkes Lake is a local favorite and the perfect place to spend your Saturday outdoors in Twin Falls. We're spoiled with all the adventurous activities here in southern Idaho. Contact us to schedule a tour today or for more information.


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