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A cornhole board with blue and red green bags on the grass in front of it.



If you like playing yard games but don’t want to pay for them, try DIY-ing them instead.

Tic Tac Toe

Bring back the schoolyard games without the chalk with a giant outdoor Tic Tac Toe board game. This fun idea from HGTV uses nine hula hoops and 10 metal pizza pans to create the board. Using tape or and spray paint, you can make X’s and O’s on your pizza pan – or any other fun designation that symbolizes two teams. You can also use chargers or large plastic platters in place of the pizza pans. Make your board and start getting creative strategies together to mindgame your opponents this season. 


Cornhole is a classic yard game starring two wooden boards with a hole at the top. You toss bean bags into the hole, but it’s required to have a drink in your other hand while you toss. We’re pretty sure that’s in the official rules, at least. Check out this how-to from The Home Depot that lists all the materials you need to make your own board. Grab some paint while you’re picking up supplies to make your boards fun and unique. You can also sew the bean bags by hand using your fabric of choice, which is another fun way to customize your game. 

Ladder Ball

Ladder ball is an underrated yard game that is pretty simple to put together at home. You can use PVC pipes to build the goal posts, and nylon rope and golf balls for the bolas. Check out this guide from the PVC Fittings Online to get the measurements for each pipe. This DIY creation can also be disassembled and easily stored or transported as needed. 

If you need more reasons to get outside and touch grass this season, find some inspiration from the Olympus at Ten Mile blog