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Thanksgiving isn’t the only reason to celebrate in November. If you’re looking to diversify your holidays, here are a few more to look forward to this month.

Native American Heritage Month

Native American Heritage Month is celebrated throughout the entire month of November. The best way to learn about and respect the heritage and culture of Native American history is to go straight to the source. Consider visiting cultural centers, memorials, and museums. You can also visit your local library to pick up books and poetry by Native American authors. The history of tribal nations is rich and diverse, so be prepared for an engaging learning experience.

National Day of Listening

The fourth Friday of November is the National Day of Listening. This is a wonderful chance to make new memories with your closest family and friends. Set aside time to share stories, memories, and family history by interviewing each other and recording memories for future generations. Visit a shut-in or reach out to someone who may be going through tough times alone, because sometimes all they need is for someone to express concern and compassion.

World Hello Day

World Hello Day is celebrated annually on Nov. 21. It is an easy but impactful concept. Simply greet ten people throughout the day. The purpose is to demonstrate the importance of personal communication in preserving worldwide peace. On a more personal level, you can say hello to a variety of people. Reach out to a friend you haven't spoken to in a while. Take the time to introduce yourself to a few of your neighbors. While the idea is to reach 10 people, you can always aim for more.

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