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Family on a picnic near The Slate in Savannah, Georgia



Did you know that the picnics we enjoy today evolved from Renaissance-era country banquets and Victorian garden parties?

If you would like to pack a basket full of goodies, the best picnic destinations near our Savannah apartments include:


As Savannah's only park nestled along the river, Morrell offers picturesque water views. Visitors see the famous Waving Girl statue honoring Florence Martus. It's believed that she waved a lantern or white handkerchief at the ships that entered the city's port between 1887 and 1931. The park offers a tranquil setting, and there are plenty of places to spread a picnic blanket.


Spanning thirty acres across the Historic District, Forsyth Park features a renowned fountain. Standing proudly in the center, it dates back to 1858 and is modeled after the famous fountains in Paris and Peru. The park was laid out in the 1840s, and is known as a hub of social interaction. Visitors can play tennis, enjoy a picnic, and explore a farmers market on Saturdays. Throughout the year, it also draws a crowd for events such as the Savannah Jazz Festival, Savannah Fashion Week, and the Sidewalk Arts Festival.


Named after Irishman, Robert Emmet, Emmet Park honors Savannah's residents of Irish descent. The park dates back to the mid-19th century and was originally called the Irish Green. The Old Harbor Light stands at the park's easternmost end. At one time, it was used as a navigational aid by the ships entering the harbor. The park is shaded and is the perfect spot to throw a Frisbee and enjoy a picnic. After your meal, don't forget to explore the surrounding sights. Highlights include the old Cotton Exchange building and the Griffon Fountain.

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