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Woman doing yoga at The Slate in Savannah, Georgia



Fitness doesn’t end just because your workout is over. Here are our tips to have a great post-workout session.

Static Stretch

This type of stretching routine is mainly for post-workout stretching and focuses on stretching by holding poses for a period of time, which helps increase flexibility and range of motion. Here’s an awesome guided stretching routine if you’re not sure how to get started.

Foam Roll

Roll out knots and stiff muscles whether you’re using a soft foam roller or one that’s geared for pressure points. This helps with balance, flexibility, muscle development, and just helps you feel loose overall – afterwards, that is. Foam rolling isn’t quite as relaxing as getting a massage but it does help release tension! Check out this easy foam rolling session.


If you workout late at night or are constantly in go-go-go mode, take a little time for yourself to rest after your workout session – your body will thank you. A yoga technique you can try out, called savasana, is similar to a meditation practice. This quick 10-minute session will have you feeling calm and relaxed.


Hydrating after your workout is a no-brainer! Without proper water intake, dehydration can creep up on you quickly. Avoid bloating, muscle cramping, and fatigue with a big glass of water after sweating. Try toting around a water bottle throughout your day to keep up on your H2O.

Fuel Up

Eating the proper foods after exerting energy is essential for muscle recovery and development, plus it helps with fat loss. Fueling up with a balance of whole food carbohydrates, healthy fats, and protein is what you want to shoot for. Try a tasty protein smoothie with a banana, a cup or two of almond milk, a scoop of quick oats, and a scoop of protein powder.

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