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A woman preparing to exercise outside in the sunshine.



Due to a crazy string of recent events, our health has never been at the forefront of conversation like it has this year. In news headlines, commercials, ads, and social media shares – the narrative of staying healthy is at the top of everyone’s mind, and for good reason. Here are a few simple ways to care for your immune system besides the tried-and-true tactics (like eating well and getting restful sleep).


Yes, breathing! But we’re talking about intentional breathing – the kind where you take long, expansive breaths in, hold it for a few seconds, and then breathe out slow and steady. Not only does intentional breathing reduce stress, but it actually helps to improve your immune system. Spend a few minutes every day focusing on mindful breathing.

Fresh Air & Time Outdoors

Spending time outside can allow for more available oxygen to be pulled into the lungs. More oxygen means better organ function! The more oxygen we inhale, the more our white blood cell count increases, which in turn boosts our immune system's response. Add in some vitamin D exposure from the sun, and you have yourself a powerful punch of healthy, boosted bodily functions.

Ditch Toxic Household Chemicals

It’s 2021. Times are changing, technology is advancing, and more sustainable products are hitting the shelves every day. That means it’s time to toss the nasty household cleaners harboring toxic chemicals that bog down your immune system. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of natural household (and beauty) products to use instead.

Try some eco-friendly, fragrance-free products, like Branch Basics, Seventh Generation, or Dr. Bronner’s. Be sure to watch out for products that look like they have clean ingredients, when in reality, they are full of synthetic chemicals and fragrances. Green Works, Method, and Mrs. Meyer's – we see you!

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