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Wild grass and watering holes on the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge near The Slate in Savannah, Georgia



Not far from our Savannah apartments is a stunning destination filled with tidal rivers, freshwater marshes, and bottomland hardwoods.

We are talking about the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, and it's an essential link in the chain of wildlife refuges along the Atlantic Flyway.

The refuge was established in 1927, and it welcomes thousands of visitors who come to see the amazing animals.

Viewing is best along the trails and the four-mile Laurel Hill Wildlife Drive. Species include:


While bobcats are elusive and nocturnal, it's not unusual for visitors to spot them along the wildlife drive. They're the only large cat in the area and are about twice the size of the average house cat. Bobcats feature brown or brownish-red fur and are named for their tails which appear to be cut.


While American alligators live the refuge wetlands all year, the best time for viewing is during the fall and spring months. This is because when the temperatures are mild, the alligators sun themselves on the mudflats and banks of impoundments.


Found in the marshes of the extreme southwestern United States, purple gallinules are one of North America's most vividly colored birds. They display yellow legs, bright purple feathers, and red-yellow bills. Purple gallinules hunt with an outstretched neck and forage along the water's edge. Listen for their laughing and hen-like cackling sounds.


Visitors can also explore the Savannah Coastal Refuge Geotrail. It's designed to help you learn more about the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Every time you find a cache, stamp your passport (obtained at the Savannah NWR Visitor Center). If you find them all, you'll earn a custom coin.

If you would like to live near the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, please contact us. We'll arrange a tour of our Savannah, GA apartments where you can see everything we have to offer.