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Two women wearing masks carrying groceries from a car, near The Slate



Giving back to your community brings us a sense of purpose and can even improve our mental well-being. Connect with your neighborhood and meet new people all donating time, money, or goods to the city you love so much: Savannah, Georgia. Here are four simple, yet profound ways you can help support your city and its wonderful people.

Support a Local Food Bank

Join the fight against hunger with meal and food donations or volunteer time with America's Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia. Start a food drive at your office or donate money electronically to their virtual center. America's Second Harvest offers a variety of volunteer opportunities including Brown Bag for the Elderly, Kids Cafe, Mobile Food Pantry, sorting, stocking, and more.

Clean Up

This community service is as simple as grabbing a few friends, some trash bags, gloves, and getting out into your local neighborhoods to clean up litter and debris. Giving back to your community can be as easy as spending a few hours outside cleaning up trash – plus, it’ll make your city look so much better!

Donate to a Pet Rescue

From food and treats your pet rejected to used leashes, collars, toys, and clothing, there are endless ways to help contribute to local pets in need – Imagine Pet Rescue makes that all possible. Plus, you might even find an adoptable cat or dog to keep as a furriend or volunteer to be a stable foster home for them.


Giving your time to help local organizations is one of the best ways to help your community. A helping hand is often one of the most impactful acts you can do to give back to your community. Skill sets are often not required to volunteer and it’s easy to find an organization that you resonate with.

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