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A Thanksgiving cactus blooming inside a white ceramic pot, sitting on top of a woven placemat next to a chair.



Ahh, springtime. The sun is shifting to a new equinox, the weather is warming up, and the flowers are blooming. The Slate is here to bring you our top four blooming indoor plants to add to your Olympus apartment this spring.


You’ll often see begonias planted outdoors, however, they also make excellent indoor houseplants due to their relatively easy maintenance and their beautiful, petite flowers. Be sure to place your begonia in a bright spot (not in direct sunlight) to see flowers pop up practically all year long in the proper conditions. Luckily, Savannah’s more humid weather conditions are on your side when it comes to minimal misting needs.

Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Easter Cactus

Did you know there are two more variations of the Christmas cactus? That’s right! There are multiple varieties, including the Thanksgiving and Easter cacti. Their holiday-centric names refer to the time of the year in which they bloom the most. Check out this awesome guide to help you figure out which variety you want to bring into your home this spring. The Easter cactus is a smart choice as it’s getting ready to show off its bright pink flowers this time of year.


This blooming houseplant is actually classified as a succulent. Depending on the variety of Kalanchoe plant you add into your urban jungle, you’ll see either yellow, red, orange, pink, or white blooms year-round.

Peace Lily

Whether you’re a total black thumb or a forgetful waterer, the Peace Lily is one of the best options you can have around as the lowest of low-maintenance plant babies. Stick it on a table, shelf, or dresser and watch it bloom in even some of the shadiest rooms. Plus, it’ll easily handle the occasional over- or under-watering. 

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