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A stressed-looking young woman clutches her head with both hands as she stands in front of a messy closet.



No matter the size of your closet, somehow there never seems to be enough space – especially after too much lockdown-related online shopping! We’re pretty sure that’s some variation of Einstein’s law of relativity! Or maybe it’s just Murphy’s law as it applies to storage? Overcome whatever laws of physics govern closet mayhem, with these easy DIY closet hacks to maximize your space and organization as you start to move your warm weather wardrobe front and center in your closet this spring. 

Add More Shelves & Drawers

To store and organize all the items that sit, rather than hang, in your closet, you need more shelving or drawers. There are plenty of freestanding options at a range of price points that will get the job done. Add cube storage shelves below your hanging items, with or without canvas bins or woven baskets to keep things orderly. Units with slide-out drawers can be basic plastic models, or fancier modular wooden units that have the style and flair of built-ins in your renter-friendly space. Or try these simple hanging cubbies

Turn a Single Rod into Double-Hanging 

Instantly double the hanging space by adding a double closet rod where you currently only have a single. These are designed to hang from any standard closet rod, and provide a second bar 2.5 to 3 feet below the existing rod. Easy! Another option are vertical hanger organizers that let you cascade several hanging items down a single hanger bar, effectively fitting four to six pieces in the space where you previously had one. 

Utilize the Back of the Closet Door

Perhaps the most underutilized piece of real estate in your closet, is the back of the closet door. There are all kinds of over-door organizers you can employ here with great results. They can help tame a mountain of shoes, your ever-expanding baseball cap collection, jewelry, purses, and scarves. Or just go for a set of multi-purpose hooks or several removable Command hooks that give you the flexibility to hang just about anything from them. 

Enjoy the zen vibes in your neat and tidy closet, and take a look at more blog posts from The Slate for other great ideas for your home, decor, and organization.