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a group of people in an art gallery appreciate paintings | Savannah’s signature gallery

What You Can Find at the Signature Gallery in Savannah

Shop for Unique Works at Savannah's Signature Gallery 

Adding a piece of art offers a quick, easy way to enhance any room of your home. When you're ready to shop for some unique works, head to the Signature Gallery. It features local artists and always offers something new to discover. Here are some of the artists you'll find near our Savannah apartments:

Kathy Miller 

Kathy Miller has been interested in art as far back as she can remember. She started painting on Midway Island as an Air Force wife. Kathy went on to take workshops in oil, watercolor, and mixed media. After coming to Savannah, she discovered etching at SCAD and has since completed 200 etching plates and printed more than 20,000 etchings. 

Phil Stark 

After serving four years in the U.S. Navy, Phil Stark studied industrial design in California. He and his family later relocated to Savannah. Today, his original and fine watercolor prints are in high demand at the Signature Gallery. Phil has won numerous awards and also teaches workshops for budding artists. 

Diane Gannon 

Diane Gannon became passionate about photography on a trip to Africa. She spends time outdoors and enjoys photographing nature's feathery creatures. Diane finds them especially challenging and loves hearing their songs as she tries to capture the perfect shot. Much of her work is printed on canvas and wrapped in small frames. 

Olivia Beaumont 

Born in California, Olivia Beaumont began her professional artistic career in 2010. She often paints private commissions for famous personalities. Her paintings are "full of historical art references" and will add a splash of color to any space.
From art galleries to specialty food stores, Olympus Fenwick is near a range of shopping destinations. If you would like to make our vibrant community your new home, please contact us. We will gladly show you everything our Savannah apartments have to offer. 


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