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City photo near Olympus Fenwick in Savannah, Georgia

Tour Your City: The 4 Best Tours to Do in Savannah


It’s not often we get to explore our city through the eyes of a tourist. We walk, drive, and bike around knowing the local streets like the back of our own hand – but do we really know the full history behind Savannah, Georgia? Check out these four cool and creepy tours of our favorite city.

1. Savannah Taste Experience – Famous & Secret East Side Food Tour

What better way to do a tour-your-city than to eat as you explore? At less than $60 per person, this tour claims the #1 rank on our list. Savannah’s streets are dotted with the incredible taste of authentic southern food, so get out there and get tasting!

2. Adventure Tours in Motion

Skip the walking and start the segwaying with this quirky tour of your city’s historic streets. Guided by headsets and a tour guide, choose from one of three different adventures that take you through historic Savannah.

3. Old Savannah Tours – Historic Hop-on, Hop-Off Tour

Tour as you please with this awesome hop-on, hop-off tour. Pay just $35 per person for an entire day of hopping on and off of an old trolley traveling throughout the town.

4. Ghost City Tours – Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl

Tour with Savannah’s oldest pub crawl, where spirits – the ghostly kind – and spirits – the liquid kind – meet. The on-foot route tours you through Savannah after dark highlighting the ghoulish history of our beloved city.

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