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A friend acting as a host welcomes guests into home with hugs.



Whether your friend crashes on your couch for the night or the in-laws stay for the weekend, this handy guide on home hospitality is a surefire way to see repeat guests.

Plan Ahead

If Friday night bar hopping turns into Saturday morning couch crashing, there’s typically zero notice when guests arrive. Whereas with the in-laws staying for the weekend, you generally have much more time to prepare. Either way, planning ahead for guests – spontaneous or not – is a must-do.

You’ll need to know how many people are staying, what items you should have on hand, and if anyone has pet or food allergies. These simple questions are a great way to help you plan ahead for your guests, like how many pillows you might need and what kind of food to have available.

Stock Up On Essentials

If you have a guest room, ensure there is a set of fresh sheets on the bed and enough pillows for each person. For guests staying on your sofa, put aside a folded and clean sheet set with an extra pillow or two. In the aforementioned guest bin or caddy, you’ll want to have a brand-new toothbrush and a travel-sized toothpaste, deodorant, body wash, and moisturizer. Make sure you have set aside a clean bath towel and a few washcloths. And for laughs, you could even throw in a before-you-go spray.

It’s All In the Details

Before guests arrive, ensure your home is clean – paying special attention to their sleeping quarters and the bathroom they’ll be using. If you know your guests well, have their favorite scented candle on display or spritz their bed sheets with a light essential oil spray. On a little chalkboard or piece of paper, write down the WiFi password and any other pertinent information they might need during their stay.

And if you really want to level up their stay, pour filtered water into a pretty water bottle and place it next to their sleeping space. Add a few of their favorite snacks or treats and your home will be gleaming with the utmost Southern hospitality.

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