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Women watering her plants in her home at Olympus Fenwick Apartments in Savannah, Georgia

How to Create an Urban Jungle


Plants to Choose

Have them all: Fiddle leaf fig trees, peace lilies, sansevierias, pothos, succulents, cacti, ferns, pileas, and peperomias. Each one could be the perfect addition to your urban jungle. If you have furry friends, ensure that the plants you’re bringing into your home are nontoxic to keep your pets safe. Check out your local garden center or plant nursery to stock up on your favorites.

All About the Lighting

Depending on which plant you choose to bring home, its light requirements are very specific. Before you bring your little guy indoors, read up on what kind of lighting is needed – full sun, partial sun, or shade.

The direction your apartment windows face have a massive impact on how well your plants do. South, East, and West windows are your best bet for successful nourishment, however, you can always supplement with grow lights. Place your plant throughout your space based on how much light they need. Ferns and sansevieria (snake plants) can hide in bathrooms, dark corners, and areas with little light. Whereas, succulents and cacti need the most UV as possible and should be in direct sun.

Watering Schedule

As with the light requirements, your plants also need proper amounts of water. Set a schedule for yourself so you don’t lose any of your greenies to crispy, yellowing leaves. This can even be estimated by keeping a close eye on your plants. Watch out for drooping leaves, a less-than-vibrant green color, or dry soil – then you’ll know it’s about time for a drink of H2O. But careful not to overwater, as that is just as important.

Layer Upon Layer

Your options for layering are endless! Try adding plants to your window sills, shelves, bookcases, plant stands, tables, dressers, countertops, or hanging baskets. Add a mix of small, medium, and large plant varieties to really stagger the layers throughout your home. More is more here, and the ultimate urban jungle needs plenty of layers – so go to town!

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